Renga Studios: give your audio life


Renga Studios is based out of Missoula, Montana and is a full service post-production facility and location recording team, recording, mixing and mastering studio. With a competitive rate system and a detail oriented modern approach to all-things-audio, we work with musicians, filmmakers and anyone needing professional audio service from across the world.


Gabe Sweeney / Lead Engineer
Ariel Cooper / Engineer
Bryan Bello / Production and Media



WHAT we do


Mixing and mastering

We believe in an open and transparent team process of the mixing phase of music - with all the new bells and whistles plus some old tricks. Don't settle for a transactional mixing service. Let's collaborate to pull on the strings of the unique character from your music and give it life.

Mastering is an often misunderstood phase of the process of music production. The most important aspect of mastering is having another trusted set of ears listen to and make tonal changes to the final mix. It is very important to make sure your music is mastered specifically for each platform you will realize it on these days. After the loudness wars, uploading a song that is too loud or too quiet to streaming sites will make it sound dull and lifeless compared to other songs. Let us fine tune your music with a tailored master for each platform.

Location Sound

WE DO LOCATION SOUND! We have a host of industry standard field mixers, shotgun mics and booms, lavalier mics and the knowledge and experience to make your film audio crisp and clear. Let your cinematographers focus on getting the best picture possible and feel confident your sound is in the hands of professionals. Sound can make or break a film!


We have a Dolby 5.1 calibrated and spec’d room with enough plugins and know how to make your film’s audio top notch. We specialize in dialog treatment, Foley and ambient design, sound design, noise reduction and restoration. Our work has been featured on Al Jazeera’s witness program, Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Institute films, LA Film Festival, Banff, Big Sky Documentary Festival and many many more! Inquire for more details.


We have a three room studio located in the heart of Missoula, featuring a drum room, control room and a large band space between them. Get in contact for a tour and a look at our collection of vintage amps and instruments.


Mix $125/track

Master $30/track

Both $135

Location Sound

8 hour day/$320

$50/hr after 8 hours

Consecutive day shoots are discounted! Please inquire for more information.

Post Production

Audiobooks ACX compliant - $75 per hour of book (inquire for discounts on books which don’t require full length listening)

Films and commercials - inquire. Different types of content vary tremendously in amount of work needed. A little work can go a long way though!


 Full band $90/hr

 Voice Only $50/hr